ProSupps VEXXUM – Thermogenic Metaboliser


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Vexxum by Pro Supps – Thermogenic Fat Burner!

Vexumm by Pro Supps is a brand new, Genesis approved thermogenic/fat burning matrix from the company made famous for their line of extreme pre-workouts, including Mr. Hyde. Vexumm is produced as a capsule/tablet fat burner and is comprised of the same three stage caffeine blend found in Pro Supps Mr. Hyde. By combining this matrix with both mood and apetite control ingredients, the team at Genesis are confident that Vexxumm can help you shred some serious fat.

Key Points:

  • Concentrated Thermogenic Metabolic Enhancement Formula
  • Appetite Control and Mood Support
  • Tri-Stage Caffeine Blend
  • TeaCrine + Cocoabuterol
  • Capsule/tablet Application

Our thoughts:

If you’re looking to shed stubborn body fat and prefer to take tablets rather than mix powders, then Vexxum by Pro Supps is the fat burner for you. While the team at Genesis recommend that you assess your tolerance to stimulants (like caffeeine) if you’ve never used a fat burner before, we found that Vexxum worked well as an appetite suppresant, helped reduce and resist cravings and of course, increased our body’s thermogenic effect so that we were burning calories throughout the day.



Genesis Nutrition recommends consuming one Vexxumm tablet upon waking. Do not exceed 2 capsules within 24 hours. Always consult your physician and the product label before consuming.

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